Review: Elemental Love, by LM Somerton

In an effort to review more of the amazing books that I’m lucky enough to read, I’ll be posting said reviews here on my blog as often as I can. Links to authors, publishers and purchase information will appear at the bottom of my review.

Elemental Love Somerton

by LM Somerton

Released: December 29, 2016 by Pride Publishing
Word count: 59,472
Genre: paranormal, bondage & BDSM, erotic

An untrained warlock is a dangerous man to love.

On his twenty-first birthday, Evrain Brookes discovers he is an elemental warlock. The spell suppressing his talent lifts and he has to get used to a whole new existence. The protection that kept him safe during his childhood is gone, his skills are wild and uncontrolled and there are those that seek to use him for their own gain.

Evrain’s grandmother is a witch, his godfather another warlock. Between them they do their best to keep Evrain on the right path. He learns that in order to gain control of his formidable powers, he will need to ‘channel’ through a life partner, a process that happens only with consent and through love. But how will he ever find a man prepared to put up with a Dominant warlock for a boyfriend?

Dominic Castine has no idea that Evrain’s grandmother sees him as a prospective partner for Evrain. He tends her garden and she teaches him about herbs—a trade-off they both enjoy. He is drawn to Evrain’s charismatic presence but doesn’t understand why he wants to drop to his knees and submit to him.

When Agatha is murdered, Evrain and Dominic are thrown together as she manipulates them from beyond the grave. Dominic becomes the pawn in a terrifying game between warlocks whose powers he barely comprehends.

In the end, lives will depend on his courage, his willingness to grant Evrain control and the power of love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of kidnap and a reference to attempted sexual assault.


LM Somerton was one of the first gay erotic romance authors I had ever heard about. From the first story I read, I was hooked by her characters, plots, and writing style.

Elemental Love is no exception. The prologue was extremely intriguing, nicely setting the course for what I’d describe as a contemporary, paranormal fairy tale. A witch named Agatha and a warlock named Gregory, are eagerly awaiting the birth of Agatha’s grandson. The banter between them is comical, but you can also feel the tension in their words. It’s clear they are magical beings, and immediately you know the baby they’re waiting for is special, but they also seem to fear what the child, Evrain, may become when he reaches adulthood.

Just before Evrain turns twenty-one, he moves to Oregon to see what his future will bring. While he receives instruction from Agatha, Evrain isn’t hesitant or unwilling to use his powers, and I like that. In some books I’ve read, a new paranormal character—whether a shape-shifter, wizard, or any other type of being—is either in denial of their abilities, or afraid of what he or she may do with them. Evrain takes to magic quickly, and isn’t afraid to use it.

It may be only my interpretation, but when Dominic, an unassuming gardener and friend of Agatha’s, is introduced, Evrain knows how important he will become, yet he seems almost uninterested in Dominic’s presence. I find this refreshing, as it adds realism to Evrain’s personality. He’s so (understandably) excited by his new-found abilities, that he doesn’t want to focus on anything else… for a while, anyway.

I’m impressed at how well a British author, writes about American people and places. The idioms, speech patterns, and vocabulary are spot on. The descriptive narrative is well-developed, and I felt totally immersed in the environment she has created. It’s easy to imagine the heat of flames and sparks of electricity, while being choked by the claustrophobia of overgrown gardens.

Elemental Love is a slight departure from the style of many of LM Somerton’s other books, which delve deeply into the world of the BDSM lifestyle. I felt this book has less of a focus on D/s scenes, but that didn’t detract from my thorough enjoyment. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.




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